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More fallout from Norshield financial scandal

More fallout from Norshield financial scandal

Nearly eight years after a high-flying hedge fund with ostensibly $1-billion in assets collapsed under the weight of a flurry of investor redemptions, the fallout from the Norshield Financial Group financial debacle continues unabated. Continue reading


  • When the Quebec Court of Appeal ordered a new trial in the notorious case of Guy Turcotte, the former cardiologist who was found not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder in the 2009 stabbing deaths of his two young children, it took the exceptional step of overturning a verdict largely based on a ruling that was not yet rendered by the nation’s highest court, note legal experts. (more…)
  • By 2021 more than half of lawyers in Quebec will be women, reveals the latest annual report of Quebec’s legal society. At present, women already make up nearly half of the Bar’s Roll of Order, with 11,838 members or 49 per cent of membership, the highest percentage in North America. On average women practising the profession are younger and have less experience than men. The 12,301 men who are currently practising are around 48 years old and have 21.6 years of experience, compared with women who are 41, with 14 years of experience. (more…)
  • Class actions appear to be thriving in Quebec. A series of suits launched recently seem to enhance the province's reputation as a have for class action suits. But that may be illusory. Yesterday FTQ-Construction, the largest construction union in Quebec, was slapped with a class action following an illegal strike that paralyzed much of the industry in late October. (more…)
  • More than a year after the Quebec auditor general revealed that courthouses in the province are underused and that the provincial ministry of justice fails to analyze readily available administrative and financial data that would help it become more efficient and cost-effective, the justice department is tightlipped over what, if any, progress it has made to remedy the situation. (more…)
  • Nearly three years ago, after sensing that clients’ expectations were shifting, with growing numbers becoming far “less patient” with the profession’s billable hour model, McCarthy Tétrault LLP began an unlikely undertaking for a law firm -- and started evaluating the use of a discipline that has long been a staple in engineering and information technology to manage budgets and resources. (more…)


Worth noting

A look at some of the more interesting cases the Supreme Court of Canada will be tackling over the coming year.

Here is an overview of the issues at stake in the appointment of Justice Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of Canada bench.

The cost of the federal government's contracted legal services ballooned to more than $460 million last year, up from $106.7 million in 2006.

Misappropriation of funds: The profession’s dirty little secret

“A lot of firms that had lawyers or law clerks or staff that commit fraud tend to indemnify clients and not report it -- it’s sort of the (profession’s) dirty little secret.”

A sad reminder that friendship and business do not always mix

“This case is a sad reminder that friendship and business do not always mix.” So begins a lengthy ruling by Quebec Superior Court Justice Geneviéve Marcotte recounting the sombre saga of a successful Montreal businessman, a former corporate lawyer and his wife.

Class actions create ethical minefields

Class action ethics, an issue barely broached by academic circles, the legal profession and even by regulatory authorities or bar associations, has now surfaced following a series of rulings that underscore the tension between the singular nature of class action litigation and the traditional position that ethical guidelines governing single plaintiff proceedings also apply to class actions.

Class action legal landscape in Canada is maturing

Class action lawsuits appear to be an increasingly pervasive force in today’s business world, with organizations of all stripes, from top publicly-traded companies to small regional enterprises, looking over their shoulders, anxiously watching an ever-evolving legal landscape to see where things are heading next.

Open data: The value of openness

“Open government, Government 2.0 and open data are very interrelated, and feed into each other. Having open data makes Government 2.0 initiatives more compelling, more valuable and more likely to succeed. They are both in response to technology, and both have the same motivation which is to be more transparent and interactive with its citizens through online mediums.”

Law firms coming to grips with retirement issues

The figures are stark. It is estimated that nearly 70 per cent of law firm partners are “baby boomers,” according to Hildebrandt International, an international legal consulting firm.


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